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While some skaters labor through the more difficult edge work drills, we've seen Kurt's students, which include our son and daughter and many of their respective teammates that work with Kurt, stand out above other players.

- Maynard Um

“Our son has been skating with Kurt since he first put on skates almost six years ago.  Kurt is a great coach and has done a fantastic job teaching our son the fundamentals of skating-the forward stride, pivots, edge work and backward skating.  But Kurt is more than just a great coach.  He is a terrific person to be around.  He motivates while making the process of learning enjoyable.  He gives precise instruction and demonstrations that produce results.   Anyone looking to give their child an opportunity to improve their skating would be well served working with Kurt.”

Steven Clausen

“My kids have been working with Kurt since they were 5 years old – they are now 12 & 10!   What can I say?  He has been AWESOME with them throughout the whole process.

From working with patience & enthusiasm when they were beginners, to pushing them past their comfort zones as AA hockey players, Kurt has always been able to push the right buttons for the kids to get the most out of their lessons to become better skaters – while enjoying it at the same time!

Kurt always has the right amount of enthusiasm & discipline to make sure they are doing the techniques properly, without making it feel like a chore to them.  As you can imagine, it’s sometimes hard to get a 12 & 10 year old motivated to do voluntary lessons (come on, we have all heard the tween quote of “do I REALLY have to go?”), but once they are on the ice w Kurt, their faces brighten up & they are ready to work hard!  This has always been important to me because I believe the kids learn much more when they enjoy what they are doing.

Over the years, I have seen their hockey skills become better & better – and I attribute most of that Kurt’s skating lessons (because they DEFINITELY didn’t inherit it from their Dad!)

If you are looking for an AWESOME instructor to train your kids, Kurt is the man I would recommend!”

Phil DeFalco
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I came to Kurt as a kid who thought he could really skate, but boy was I wrong. With some video evidence he convinced me how bad it was. He gave me some helpful tips on skating, and it completely changed my game for the better.

- Alexander Allen, ISS Kings - U15 elite AAA

“Both my 2 boys, ages 5.5 and 8, participated in the Kurt Nichols power skating program for 3 days in June. They both had a great time and enjoyed both the on-ice and off-ice activities. Both boys showed a lot of improvement in their skating and confidence on the ice in just a short period of time. The program took place at the LIC Ice facility which was very convenient to get to/from. Both the on-ice and off-ice activities were the perfect amount of time to keep my kids active and interested without becoming overly tired. The groups were kept to a small size which allowed the kids to get a lot of personalized 1 on 1 attention. I would highly recommend Kurt Nichols power skating and my boys are looking forward to participating again”

Robert Mikesell
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Kurt is the best skating coach you can find. We have participated in a wide variety of power skating clinics and camps, and none of them compares to a session with Kurt.

- Catherine Doyle (mom of 2 Elite/AAA players)

“Kurt Nichols and his team of wunderkinds bring it all to the ice: hard work, discipline, rigor and most importantly, the joy of skating.  They set aside all the insanity that can surround the world of youth hockey and help kids concentrate on what really matters: the thrill that comes from working incredibly hard at something, seeing improvement, and then dedicating yourself to working even harder.  He and his merry band of ice wizards made all three of my kids sweat harder, drill more, dig deeper than they ever have before, all without touching a puck, and yet they manage to come of the ice with ear to ear grins.  There is a seriousness of craft that the kids are inspired to emulate.  Even my daughter, who wasn’t sure she wanted to get on the ice and follow in the footsteps of her older twin brothers, was eager to go back after the first lesson!  And the instruction for the learn-to-skate was just the right balance of fun without missing the backbone of the program: without failure and grit, you will never succeed.  Thank you Kurt, the Marinos are hooked!”

Emily Hellstrom

My son did a power skating course with Coach Kurt last Spring. I saw a huge difference in his posture and his strides after just a few classes. The off-ice practice was also very useful, it helped him develop strength, balance and coordination when he got on the ice. On top of all that, my son had a great time. I highly recommend power skating classes from Coach Kurt.

Winnie Cheung

“Our family is new to hockey. Our oldest son (age 7) came home one day from school and said “I want to play hockey.” So we got him on the ice to learn to skate. The sport for newcomers can be challenging to navigate at times.  Not with Kurt.

We noticed him on the ice day after day with his students and there was something special happening there…his students are different and stand out among the rest.  His instruction is focused and intense and I can honestly say unmatched.  He’s an incredibly talented coach.  We’ve got our 2 oldest boys on the ice with Kurt and his team as much as possible. They’re hooked!”

Darlan Monterisi

“Kurt has a solid understanding of body mechanics to explain the basic physics of skating to a 10 year old. And despite how busy he is, he still makes it easy to work the scheduling.”

Lev Lesokhin, Dad of Anton, a Cyclones pee-wee 

“Kurt is a game changer and I can’t stress that enough. I’ve seen him transform players over and over again. If coaches could be ranked by efficiency, he would be at the top.”

Katherine Issel  ’92 U.S. Women’s National Team/Captain, Princeton Women’s Varsity Ice Hockey 

“The KNPS clinic is awesome.  Not only did all three of my kids learn a ton but they had so much fun while
doing so.  Power skating is now their favorite part of hockey!  We can’t wait for the next clinic!”

Christina DiMaio

“Kurt is simply the best.  An out of the box leading edge thinker who works so hard to make the kids better.  We
live far from Kurt, but make every effort to get our kids on the ice with Kurt because he is such a unique and
productive resource.”

Steve Mettler

“We incorporate Kurt into our training sessions by rotating 3-4 kids through a 20 minute station to simulate a
private session with him. In that short time with Kurt, the kids show immediate improvement on their edges,
have fun doing so, and can barely stand by the end of it. We have to work shooting and other more stationary
stations around Kurt to allow for recovery time. He is a true professional, a parent favorite, and well respected
by our other coaches.”

Chris Ooten, President, North Park Hockey

“Kurt’s hands-on approach, focus on detailed technique and intensity make him the best  skating coach in the tri-state area. After 30 minute sessions, my son is drenched and exhausted like if he had been on for 2x – 3x as long!”

Ozzie Ramos, Dad of PeeWee Cyclone